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Emotional Poems

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The First True Sign of Love Is Anger

The first true sign of love is anger:
What we need, we're likely to resent.
Each needing, needed, leaned on, leaning,
No longer free standing stone and white.
The wistful, tender fear of finity
Yields a darker shimmer of sublimity.

Now indeed some sunny, delicate blight
Inaugurates a subterranean keening.
None can turn away and not be bent,
Each in each part self, part untouched stranger.


My New Love

Where do I begin?
My heart is aflame from passion
As I fall more in love with you.
The sun doesn't compare to the heat
That burns in my heart as I think of you.
I have fallen deeply in love with you.
Unconditional, Neverending.
How can a love like ours come to be?
Two strangers who meet by chance,
Who share secrets, hope, dreams, and desire.
We both have been hurt by love before.
We have cried many a tear.
Felt the pain and sorrow of a broken heart.
Afraid to ever love again.
But a spark began in our hearts
As we talked and listened to each other.
A spark that grew into a flame.
A flame that grew into a fire.
A fire that grew into Love.
I seal my love to you with a kiss.
I look to the future.
Forget the past.
The future lies with you each and everyday,
As I fall more deeply in love with you.


Never Felt This Way

I played my games with all the guys
I thought I liked them but they were all lies
All my challenges were getting old
They werent what I wanted is what I was told
So I waited for love to come my way
But nothing seemed to come, nothing seemed to stay
All I could say to love was so long until you, you came along
At first there was nothing, not even a glance
You werent the one that ever had a chance
But then something seemed to happen without even knowing
I started having feelings and they started showing
I cant believe I fell for you
No one would ever believe that it were true
While I dreamt all night through
All I could think about was my love for you
So I decided to tell you how I feel
Even though your answer might kill
As I began to tell you all my fears
I couldnt help but strain some tears
But then you showed me itll be alright
That you will comfort me until the timing was right
I began to tell you quickly without any halt
How I truly feel and how its so very real
I cant believe I showed you the one part of my heart I hid
Knowing most people thought of me as only a kid
As I waited for your answer without much hope
All I could think of was you saying nope
As you spoke with words so intense
You told me you loved having me in your presence
Then you said that it could happen,
Its possible if we just give it time
And sooner or later Ill have you as mine
In that moment all my dreams came true
And it could have never happened if it werent for you
Without another word, a smile you shared
And with that let me know you cared
So I just wanted to say, if I may
That I will love you until my dying day!


I Think I'm In Love With You

I dont know what to say
Or even what to do
All I no is that
I think Im in love with you
Every time I hold you close
Or put your hand in mine
I feel like just maybe
I wont let go this time
I know that you dont see it
But its a feeling all so new
I dont know whats happening
But I think Im in love with you
I want to tell you how I feel
To let you no Its true
That maybe just maybe
Im in love with you
This may sound crazy I know
But I needed to let it out
Because there is something there
I know without a doubt
So stop treating me like a toy
Im a person too
I need you to realize my feelings
I think Im in love with you

To The Girl I Love

From heaven above,
To the world below,
I give you my love,
For our eternal souls.

You are like an angel from above,
And I will do anything for your love.
I'll give you everything from my heart,
But don't worry that is just the start.

So I give your love,
And soon you'll see,
That no one can love you,
More than me.

So I say this to thee,
Will you be the one for me?

Sweet Chocolate

Let me tell you about my chocolate wonder

His kisses sweet like hershey, rolling through me like thunder

He holds me so tight, I don't want him to let go

His touch is so powerful, it hits me like a sharp blow

Every touch so tender, every touch filled with care

He makes me melt like butter, he is my soft teddy bear

And when I'm hurting, he feels my pain

He embraces me, and pours his love on me like rain

I don't know what the future holds, but I pray it holds my Sweet Chocolate



When Love is in bloom,
all things seem right.
The sun rises high in the sky,
and the moon shines so bright.

Ive met a woman,
A woman so kind.
A woman who excites me,
And touches my mind.

She has touched me,
And made me feel.
She has shown me a Love,
A Love that is so real.

She has opened my eyes,
And helped me see.
All that was hidden,
So deep inside of me.

She has filled an emptiness,
So deep inside.
She filled a void,
That was deep and wide.

I love this woman,
With all my heart.
I dream of the day,
We will never part.

The woman that I love.
To me she is a treasure,
A Blessing from Above.

I Love You Baby...


I Want The Love We Once Had

I want the love we shared
The one we dared
To be more than we cared
About one another.

I want the passion we had
Ever so glad
We never were mad
And showed love for each other.

I want the communication
The explanation
The joy and elation of being
In love again..

I want to feel
And squeal
And not conceal
What you mean to me.

We have been through so much
Gained so much
But have somehow lost touch
Of what we mean to each other.

Our family and our lives together
You and me
And me and you
Can we please
Have the love we once had.

I love you and you love me
Lets bring back the empathy
The sensuality
Of the love we once had.


Proverbs of Love

--One can be unhappy by oneself, but to be truly tormented,
   one must love.

--Love is harder to accept than to give.

--To love is to embrace life. To love fully is to embrace both
   death and life.

--The secret of happiness is simple: be loving, giving,
   Why, then, are so many unhappy?
   Because they are afraid.

--Love only yourself, and you are alone.
   Love only one other, and the two of you are alone.
   Love only your family, and your family is alone.
   Love only your nation, and your nation is alone.
   There can be no communion, not even with yourself,
    except through love of God.


Why Memories?

Time goes by each day.
Nothing more to say.
Nothing much to do.
feeling sad and blue.
My emotions for you,
is still here.
It gives me fears
to think the memories of you and me.
how it meant to be,
between the you and me.
Why does summer start in June?
Why does winter comes to soon?
Why do flowers grow in May?
Why does spring time go away?
Why does autumn leaves fall?
Why does tree grow tall?
Why does rivers flow to sea?
I don't want to see you w/o me/
Why do I miss you, tell me
why do I miss you!!!!!


One In A Million

My Y Nguyen

One happy thought is the joy to life
One lasting love is worth the sacrifice

One adventure we have is off the cliff
One life we live is a sane gift

One view we see is a good creation
One thing to be done is for appreciation

One good reason is very clever
One life-long friend is to be forever

One lie is worth confessing
One act of kindness is a million blessing.


Magical Island

My Y Nguyen

I must find an island where
Trees speak of word,

I must find a special place where
Voices could be heard.

I must speak of wisdom; for
Wisdom is in me.

I shall find a place where
I can always succeed.

Brave souls can tell that
My feelings are true,

The feelings that are deep,
That I can never lose.

To the path I may follow, to
The path I seek,

To anywhere I dream of, where
Freedom truly speak.

But beyond my dreams, there are
Feeling of despair,

To whom can I give this feeling to,
To whom can I share?

All I can do now is
To sit and wait.

Until someone comes to this island
On an eventful date.


Snowman's Eyes

Steven Hawkins

The snow is white,

and with all it's might,

Is snowing on the land.

The kids go, into the snow,

And do what they can.

Snowballs flying everywhere,

Snow angels here and there,

The only thing that is unfair,

Is I just sit and stare,

Through my lonely, frozen eyes,

The sun has begun to rise,

Melting me me to smaller size.

I cry, and say goodbye.



Steven Hawkins

When tears of sadness streak your face,
You are not alone.
When yoo feel lost and out of place,
You are not alone.
When it seems you can't carry on.
And everything you do is wrong,
You are not alone.
When you open your presents on the holidays,
You are not alone.
When nothing can seem to spoil your day,
You are not alone.
When it seems like you made it through,
But there's no one to share this feeling with you,
You are not alone.
You'll never be alone when I'm around.
I'll cheer you up when you are down,
And whether you're happy or feeling blue,
I will always be there for you.
So when you feel alone and in the dark.
Just keep me in your heart,
And you'll never be alone.


Save the Best for Last

Sometimes the snow comes down in June.
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes
Sometimes it's all a big surprise
'cause there was a time when all
I did was wish you'd tell me
this was love, it's not planned, but somehow
it's enough, and now we're standing
face to face, isn't this world
a crazy place just when I thought
our chance had set you free you
wondered what was wrong with you
'cause how could you give your love
to someone else and share
your dreams with me. Sometimes
the very thing you're looking for
is the one thing you can't see and
now I look upon the star just
when I thought our chances had
passed you go and save the best
for last.



Steven Hawkins

As I sit here,
Writing this to you,
Wondering what should I say,
Because all I can think of,
Night and day,
Is your amazing beauty,
That took my heart away.
So if you see me staring,
Don’t turn the other way,
Because you’re the light that cuts through darkness,
And brighten up my day,
It’s hard to take control,
Of my heart, I’ll lose my mind,
I though I was alone in this world,
But you came into my life, right on time,
If you don’t understand,
What I hope to achieve,
I must move on,
But from my heart, you’ll never leave.



By Steven Hawkins

I’d like to make it known,
My feelings for you,
That are so strong,
I don’t know what to do.
I’m thinking about you,
Every single day,
But  until now,
I was scared to say.
Your beautiful eyes,
Your pretty hair,
Living without you,
I just couldn’t bare.
And even though your heart.
Is a lot to gain,
My feelings for you,
Will never change.
There are other woman in this world,
And I ‘m sure they’re nice too,
But none of them could ever,
Replace someone special like you.



By Steven Hawkins

When I see you,
And your pretty face,
Your beautiful eyes,
I could never replace,
Your beautiful voice,
Your silky hair,
I bet when you go places,
People turn and stare.
I don’t think I could,
Being without your grace,
Your braids, your eyes,
Your pretty face.
I’m always wondering,
When you look at me,
What’s going through your mind,
What do you see,
Do you see a friend,
Who’ll keep your head out the clouds,
Or do you see,
Just another face in the crowd?


What is Love?

What is love?
Is it like a dove,..
that flies in the sky
when we daydream as time
goes by?
Everyone wonders
And have that feeling of thunder
when they reach that point
Especially your funny bone and joint.
The love you knew,
could be so true!
The love for thee
could be the bird love the trees
All emotions isn't the same
Sometimes love could be a big game
Some people cry
And the feelings inside
Never seems to go away
It's very hard to say
But it dwells in the heart
And you don't know how it
happens or where it gets it start.



The love that I knew
was oh, so true
until the day
he went away
you thought he would stay
till death do you part,
until he leaves you
with a broken heart
you love for someone
will never be the same
and then you'll think that
Love's just a big game.


Love II

I think of you from my heart
I think of you from the very start
I love what you do for me
I cherish you, can't you see?
I wanna know do you think of me?
Can you open my heart?
Try it. You'll see
Our love will always be
I want you in my heart
cause I know we'll never part
your love's as sweet as candy
Our love will come in handy


To you, It's True!!

Here's something for your lonely heart!
You really meant a lot to me
doesn't matter what I said or did to you
days, months has past.
time is running by fast
I hope you understand
I know you can be a man
just go with the flow
There's more things for you to know
Untouchable memories
for you and me
can be gone and free!!
It's hard to say...
but we can't stay
It might not look true
but it is too!
I'll be your friend, it has not ended
There's someone out there,
don't worry about me,
follow your trail I want you to know,
before I go!
There's always you in my soul!


Meaning Of Love

How can you explain the meaning of love to someone so naive?
Is it more than just the dictionary definition?
Can it even be described on paper?
Is it a special feeling just starting to break free from it's origin?
Is it requisite? by the heart?
What does the heart have to do with it anyway?
Where does the time go just pondering about this sensation that you call 'love'?
How strong and powerful is it really?
How does it effect you? What does it bring you? joy, hate, depression
Wait.. doesn't it always change on you unexpectedly?
How long does 1 relationship? enough for eternity?
What's in it for you? what are the benefits? is it just something natural that just happens?
It's make you drift.. away like a cloud up in the sky.. into your own little world of yours?
Isn't it supposed to arouse all the other existing emotions such as happiness, anger, depression, excitement, desire?


My Angel

Steven Hawkins

This one's for that special person.
You know who you are.
I always want to be with you,
When you're near or far.
As I gaze into your eyes,
It was when I knew why,
I love you as much as I do.
That I can't deny.
The way you make my heart jump,
With your sweet, peaceful voice.
You're one of a kind.
I think about you all of the time.
I can't get you out of my head.
If I can't be with you,
I'd rather be dead.
There's nothing I want more.
Than to be with you,
Nothing else in this world.
Nothing, girl it's true.



By Steven Hawkins

Listen up,
Here’s the deal,
This is the way,
I really feel,
Every word,
They’re all true,
That I do,
Anything you want,
I’ll give it to you,
Everything that I say,
Will always be true,
It’s hard to find words,
For feelings so strong,
Nothing more beautiful than you,
Not an angel’s song.
I have much to say,
But words lost their place,
Because of your indescribable,
Beauty and grace.
There’s only one thing left,
For me to do,
And that’s to say,
I love you.



By Steven Hawkins

What is love?
Love is feelings,
For someone else,
Other than your family,
Other than yourself.
When you think about someone,
All day and night,
When their life is on the line,
You’ll give your life,
When you care more about them,
Even more than yourself,
When you feel the way,
You never before felt.
But the feeling of heartbreak,
After love is remorse,
You’re like a 250mph car,
On a crash course.
You’ll feel sad and lonely,
And probably cry,
But don’t blame yourself,
Don’t listen to the lies.
Emotions all mixed up
You’re angry and sad,
Having feelings,
You never though you had.
But don’t be discouraged,
To fall in love,
If not you’ll feel,
As described above.
So when you’re in love,
It’s ok,
Because love is unique,
And will make you happy.


Among Stars

By Steven Hawkins

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
But not as sweet as you.
All my life,
I’ve been trying to find,
Someone whose beauty,
Drives me out of my mind.
Searching high and low,
Looking all around,
But none like this,
Could be found,
Until the day,
When I finally met you,
With your eyes shinning,
And your bright smile too.
My heart could not contain,
Such feelings for you,
Just as the night is dark,
And the sky is blue.
Out of all the woman in this world,
I would only have you,
No matter what anyone says,
Or what they do,
Because during our time together,
You will find,
I want to be with you,
All the time.


I Love You

By Steven Hawkins

My heart has waited,
For this day to come,
Now all I want is you happy,
That’s all I want done.
Feelings I can’t explain,
I can’t wait to see you,
Every day,
And I hope to see you smile because,
It lights the way,
To a better day,
A better life,
Where everything is known,
To be right,
And love,
Like the love,
I have for you,
Shinning like the stars above,
I always think about you,
Because united I hope to be,
United with the love,
That I give to you and you give to me.


My Heart is For You

By Steven Hawkins

Gazing at the stars,
Thinking of only you,
Thinking of how far you are,
And how far I am too.
Every day when I’m not with you,
When I’m at home on holidays,
I want to be with you,
For my heart, you took away.
The only thing that’s on my mind,
Each and every day,
Is how I look inside me to find,
The right words to say.
But when I come close to you,
I forget what to say,
So the only thing to do,
Is to write to you this way.
Every time your close to me,
Every time I see your face,
I wish that you could see,
How my heart starts to race.
I hope this poem I wrote,
Will change something between me and you,
But for now all I can do is hope,
My love will get stronger for you.


God's Miracle

A miracle is a special gift
that's granted by our God,
We prayed with all our heart'n soul
God smiled, then gave a nod.

Each child is a miracle
some take more time to come,
When they finally arrive to us
our work has just begun.

Teach them all there is to know
show them along the way,
Love them dearly with all your heart
through each and every day.

Sometimes we have to really work
and pray for what we need,
A daughter for your family
shows how you did succeed.

God raised his arms and then he said
"this miracle is overdue",
Angels flying at her side
delivering his Grace to you.

Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
and laughter to fill the air,
With beautiful eyes that sparkle so bright
and pretty bows tied in her hair.

Miracles really do come true
faith is all you need,
Some miracles even have a name
'Grace Mira'.......indeed.



Life is like a knife
Stabbing in your heart
Still it will never part
Should I ever say good bye
before I cry.
or maybe a simple Hello
before I become Mello.
I walk upon the shore
that reaches to the door
in which that would lead
me to a new path
it might bring a laugh
or even a tear here and there
but instead being dead
or maybe considered like bread
that is shattered all over the platter
Tears are made for Fears
And if you believe in them
than the tear will become a cheek!!


What to Do

By Steven Hawkins

Of all the things I love in this world,
Out of all things I do,
Out of all the people that I love,
The one I love most is you.
Each day I take a closer step,
   To expressing my love for you,
Each day another goal is met,
For you to see what’s true.
I hope one single day,
When our eyes meet,
You will see the true me,
That me you’ll want to keep,
For you will see,
Just by the look in my eyes,
I’ll never leave your side,
Even if I die.
Times flying by,
For me to confront you,
But until then,
What to do,
What to do?



By Steven Hawkins

When you sit and think,
Your life is stupid,
You’ll never do anything,
No matter how good you did,
Or sit and feel sorry for yourself,
And don’t take things like they are,
Just because you didn’t,
Become a movie star.
You need to realize,
All that’s wanted is love,
And you get that from everywhere,
Including from god above,
And now that I think about it,
That’s the reason we live,
The true meaning of life,
And the way to prove it is,
What do you want to be,
Are you sure that’s true?
And do you end up rich and famous,
And people love you.
Would you like another example,
Or do you have this down,
Ok what do you want to happen now,
For people to want you around?
Now correct me if I’m wrong,
But that’s two good reasons, right,
And if that wasn’t enough,
I can go all night.
Here’s another example,
Let’s say a boy is three,
His family was killed in an accident,
Unfortunate isn’t he?
But then another family,
Open their doors,
For what reason you may ask,
To give him love.
Most people,
Respect love, not as it comes,
But only if it has a price on it,
Like money, clothes, and gum,
So to love is to live,
And life is a gift,
So you should,
Choose life and live.
So no mater what your going through,
Someone’s there too,
They’ll comfort and love you,
And live, just like you.


For Life

By Steven Hawkins

When I’m sad,
Feeling down and blue,
What cheers me up,
Is thinking of you.
Because the way,
You make me smile,
When I look at you,
And wonder how,
I can get through each day,
Being without you,
My heart has so much pain,
And happiness too.
You, I’ll never forget,
You will forever be in my heart,
It was love at first sight,
I wanted to be with you from the start.
Wishing upon a star,
As I look into the sky,
Thinking of you,
And wondering why,
It’s so hard talking to you,
But once I do I know,
You listen, and gets easier,
Because I love you so.


For Life

By Alyssa

These are the days I cheerish the most
Rain is so beautiful
So wonderful to have around
A rainy day is the day the insane can have a moment of peace
A rainy day can comfort the soul
A rainy day can hide your tears
I run free when a spring storm comes
I sit and listen to the music it makes
I watch it come down
Rainy days make me realize
Relize I am not alone
My pain combines with the rest of the world
These are the days I need not to cry
I need not feel depressed
These are the days the world cries for me
Rainy days give me hope
They make me strong
Time slows down when it rains
I look forward to what will come after the storm has passed
Rainy days comfort the soul
Rainy days open my eyes
Rainy days expresses me
Rainy days brings my emotions to life
From the first drop to the last dark cloud that passes
Rainy days are the truth of the world
Look, hear, smell, taste
The story of life is being told
Take time to understand its ways




For Life

When I’m sad,
Feeling down and blue,
What cheers me up,
Is thinking of you.
Because the way,
You make me smile,
When I look at you,
And wonder how,
I can get through each day,
Being without you,
My heart has so much pain,
And happiness too.
You, I’ll never forget,
You will forever be in my heart,
It was love at first sight,
I wanted to be with you from the start.
Wishing upon a star,
As I look into the sky,
Thinking of you,
And wondering why,
It’s so hard talking to you,
But once I do I know,
You listen, and gets easier,
Because I love you so.




Mandarin- 3 common men are better than 1 wise man
Cantonese- if you do not study when you are young, you will feed sad when you are older because you have lost time.
Korean- When you do something , you should always be cautious about it.
Thai- Just, as a long distance proves a good horse, time proves a good person.
Romanian- If you don't have what you like you should like what you have.
Samoan- The way to family authority is through loyal and faithful
Spanish- A bird in the hand is worth a hundred flying
Swahili- Love is blind
Urdu (Pakistan) It is better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend
American- A penny saved is a penny earned
Albania- A friend in need is a friend indeed
Amhario- Regardless of whether there is such thing as heaven as hell it is preferable to good deeds.
Treat other by how you would like to be treated
Bulgarian- The one who doesn't work should not eat
Dutch- One who give a lot, receives a lot
Greek- How you make you bed is how you sleep
Italian- One who finds a friend, finds a treasure
Navajo- walk in harmony within the universe by being aware of who you are
Persian- If you are wise, you think before you act
Philipino- He who does not look back to his roots will not reach his destination
Portuguese- It's better late than never
Roman- Quechua- A strong stomach, makes a happy heart