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just cruising

Hey!! Just a little description. I'm  a  guy that love God more expecially, cos he is the source of my life.

I have a sense of humour as I will like others to have, cos it makes life more fun. I am 5.5  tall, though my picture describes my look more better, you can see more of me in my photo album (laugh) and I like meeting people, "when I say meeting people not just anybody that comes my way pls (laughs)" people who knows the true meaning of friendship or relationship, meeting people is very very easy but the issue is; "who, and what are they to you" thats the question.

Well, I have to thank my mum for her kindness and advise to me; "Mama mia, KUDOS. And I wanna say a big thank you to my friends who are still praying for my success, I say wherever they are let God continue to guide them all. Thanks to my only brother, sisters for their kindness and love. 

Whateer you do on earth, please make sure you do it right and it shall be well with you.

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